Do you have a plan for neighbor outreach?

Absolutely! We want to be fully transparent in order to try to keep as many people as possible happy with things. We want Payfrit Pads to be something that positively contributes to the health of a neighborhood, as opposed to pulling it down. Also, we plan on having an every other month event that’s open to the public. The pilot location will have a wood-fired pizza oven, and we like the idea of having a free pizza party for the neighbors, every other month or so.

What measures are in place for safety and risk prevention?

We will have the fire department come through for an inspection once the pods are installed and prior to launch.

Each Pod has it’s own smoke detector. In addition, there are three grades of fire protection in the manufacture of the Pods, we have selected the highest grade available.

All public areas will be video monitored, and the entire house is smart controlled for access.

Will tenants be allowed to have meetings or gatherings?

Subject to the guest limitations, yes. However those limitations will keep them small apart from occasional events on the weekends just like any normal homeowner might have. Who goes to a meeting with a cover charge?

What are the physical facilities of the house itself?

The house already has three full baths. We will be converting these bathrooms into a total of five Euro wet room baths. Additionally there will be an outdoor shower and composting pissoir in the backyard area near the hot tub and pool.

We are trenching a new sewer line; the home already has updated electric and the Pods run on standard AC outlets. The HVAC is new, we do anticipate having to install at least one wall mounted AC unit in the upstairs section, and each Pod does have it’s own separate climate controls.

Is a Payfrit Pad also a live/work space?

There is an area in one of the lounges that provides both sitting desks, and standing desks (three of each). There will be at least one public computer available, stocked with open source software that will allow people to complete a lot of software related tasks. Each Pod will have a direct Ethernet connection for gaming, along with WiFi access of course.

If you’re inquiring as to whether or not the public is allowed inside to use it as a work space, this is not part of our model (apart from the mentioned guest passes). If someone wants to setup at the dining room table to do their work, they are welcome to!

What is the total max capacity of the house and adjacent spaces?

6130 Wilkinson will house 16 residents.

The North Hollywood pilot location will eventually be expanded to comfortably house 36 residents in two connected homes.

Are visitors allowed to stay overnight?

All house visitors are required to purchase a guest pass. Currently we offer the following passes:

  • Half day pass – 10 hours, no private Pod – $26
  • Full day pass – 3pm-noon, includes private Pod – $56
  • Meal pass – for the two-hour window of dining hours – $6

How much does it cost to live in a Payfrit Pad?

The monthly living fee starts at $550 for a regular-size Pod, queen size Pods are available for $700 per month. New residents are required to pay a refundable $550 security deposit.

What lease terms are available?

Payfrit Pads regular residential living is exclusively month-to-month.